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I am so delighted that you found your way to my website. However you got here -- looking for it deliberately or just by surfing the web -- I hope you will stay a while and find enough of interest to come back often.

My 30+ years as a psychologist have been shaped by my passion for issues that affect the lives of children and women. On these pages you will find some of the places where experience and passion came together. I have developed programs in many of these areas, and always have some thoughts to share in my blog. I'll even answer questions you may have on the Ask Dr. Jain page.

I also invite you to visit our Pathways Transition Programs webiste to learn about the agency that started with a sublet office, a writing pad, and a box of Kleenex -- and grew into a clinic dedicated to serving children and families affected by poverty, trauma, and instability.

Please feel free to browse, share, learn, and interact -- and let me know what you think.

About Dr. Jain

Sunaina Rao Jain, PhD received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Connecticut in 1975. After five years at a child and family clinic in Canada, she moved to Atlanta and started a private practice working with children and families. She focused on children's attention and learning challenges, and how these problems affect children's emotional health and the lives of their families. Through her work with children in foster care, Dr. Jain learned how attention and learning are intertwined with a stable and enriched environment for growth.

In 1991, she opened Pathways Transition Programs to bring together and train a group of clinicians dedicated to a "whole-life," or integrated, approach to helping individuals and families in distress. In 2000, she started New Learning Center, a non-profit agency specializing in issues relevant to women and girls.

Dr. Jain continues to work with families and children, refining the "Kaleidoscope Model" and training professionals who work with children and families. Among others, she has also developed "Growing Children," a program for parents that has evolved from her experiences working with families for the last thirty years. Dr. Jain continues to learn from her interactions with children and families, and from presenting workshops and webinars on a regular basis.

Dr. Jain is the mother of two grown daughters. She enjoys yoga, reading, music, and travel.